Isomer Retirement Home (IRH)

The first aged care home in Melbourne dedicated to serving the needs of our Muslim & culturally diverse elders.
We built the Age Care Home close to the Isomer Mosque and Resident Imaam and Community Hall.


Our vision is to set a high standard for aged care, where elders of culturally diverse and Muslim backgrounds feel right at home.

To conduct a residential establishment for older citizens of different backgrounds and cultures, in which care and nursing of the highest standards will be provided.

To maintain a safe, secure and happy home for folk who join our family.


Isomer Retirement Home will exercise a positive and caring attitude towards its residents, demonstrating a special respect for the aged and disabled.

We believe in the principles of compassion and justice, which recognize the rights, dignity and the needs of each person irrespective of colour, race or religion.

A home-like environment will be maintained in which every resident has access to the highest standard of care and attention.

Philosophy of Care

The staff of IRH strive to provide care that exceeds the expectations of the residents and their families.

Each person is valued for their individuality and will be encouraged to attain and maintain their independence to the optimum of their ability.  Every respect will be given to resident’s choice regarding all aspects of their care to ensure quality of life and to fully comply with Aged Care Standards.

Meals & Nutrition

All our residents enjoy Halal meals prepared to the highest possible standards, according to a carefully prepared menu plan.

Our Staff

Our staff are therefore be drawn from Muslim Community and the many different cultures.

Our Location

IRH Residential Aged Care is a 50-room boutique aged care home located within the beautiful plains of Lysterfield.

IRH is located at: 1273 Wellington Road, Lysterfield, Victoria 3156 Australia.

Why was the Home Established?

With an increasingly ageing Muslim population, there is a need for Age Care services that care for our elderly while enabling them to maintain their Islamic practices, values and lifestyle.

Aged care homes are a major issue for Muslims who try to observe their faith when they become old and frail as the majority of Aged care centres have limitations when it comes to delivering spiritual care for Muslims.

Catering for our fellow Muslims and the requirements of our culturally and religiously diverse elders and dietary requirements is one of our top priorities, so that they may continue their spiritually practise in a safe environment while receiving care.

How CAN I BOOK a Tour?

Yes – by clicking here and filling out the for (  and one of our IRH Age care team members will follow up with you when we can.

Board of Directors

ISOMER has a Board of Directors.

Our current Board of Directors are as follows:

1. Dr. Hosein Evans

2. Br. Yusoef Davis

Verily I am Allah: there is no god but I: so serve thou Me, (only) and establish regular prayer for celebrating My praise.
(Taha, 14)