The name selected for the Organisation by the founders is “Islamic Society Of Melbourne Eastern Region” being abbreviated “ISOMER“.

ISOMER was formed by a small group of families to cater for the Muslim community in Melbourne’s South Eastern region, irrespective of their ethnic origin.  After extensive fundraising efforts and donations mainly from Saudi Arabia, South Africa and the community, ISOMER was able to purchase the Lysterfield property and build the mosque.  The mosque was opened in 1986 and has since been the foundation of the community.

In 1992, we were awarded a government grant that enabled us to build the ISOMER Retirement Home (IRH), which commenced operations in 1994.

Whilst IRH was established to cater for the special needs of Muslims, it is open to individuals from all religious and cultural background.

Under the current COM ISOMER is uplifting the IRH and Mosque and is putting  in place plans to  expand and build  additional community facilities that will meet the growing and changing needs of the community.

Extensive fundraising efforts are underway, and member and community support is welcomed.

They will have with their Lord whatever they desire; that is the reward of those who do good. (Al Quran 39:35)

Our Vision

To establish a strong and stable, Muslim community in the South Eastern Region of Melbourne that promotes the understanding and practice of Islam, embraces cultural diversity and lives in harmony.

Our Mission

To enhance and manage our community facilities, services and activities to meet the changing needs of our community, organise more opportunities to build and strengthen unity, and encourage greater understanding and practice of Islam.


Our Core Objectives

  1. To promote Islam through education and events thereby encouraging greater understanding and practice of Islam.
  2. To expand the mosque and its facilities in order to increase the capacity inline with the growth of the community and to meet the increasing and changing needs of our members and the wider community.
  3. To raise funds for the mosque expansion, the running costs of the mosque and other community projects and events.
  4. To unite our members, by building bonds and encouraging greater participation in our activities and events.
  5. To establish and build strong relationships with other Muslim societies, Knox City Council, the State and Federal government and our local community.

Verily I am Allah: there is no god but I: so serve thou Me, (only) and establish regular prayer for celebrating My praise.
(Taha, 14)