Fitra is the annual compulsory charity that every Muslim pays to ensure that all Muslims are able to enjoy the day of Eid. It must be paid well before Eid, so that those eligible for Fitra can use it for Eid.

Fitra is payable by the head of the family on behalf of each family member under his/her care, including elderly parents living with the family although it may include a spouse or children who are already able to support themselves.

How do I calculate my Fitra?

Abdullah Ibn Umar RA is reported to have said, “Rasulullah SAW instructed us to give Sadaqatul Fitr: 1 Sa’ of dates or 1 Sa’ of Barley.” Abdullah Ibn Umar RA mentions that the Sahabah RA later gave 2 Mud (½ Sa’) of wheat in place of dates and barley. (Bukhari 1511 and Muslim 7232)

Today, it is not always convenient to give wheat, barley or dates so a person should give the value of ½ Sa’ wheat in cash. That is the value of approximately 1.7 kg of wheat. The actual amount will be advised to Muslims, at the ISOMER mosque throughout Ramadan.

Who is entitled to receive Fitra?

Fitra is to be given to the poor and needy. Traditionally, Fitra is collected on Eid. However, given that most of the recipients of the Fitra are overseas, it is usually collected before Eid so that the poor and needy can receive the money, in time to pay for their food and clothing for Eid.


How do I pay my Fitra?

To make life easier for you, ISOMER has established a number of ways that you can give Fitra.

My mercy encompasses all things, but I will specify it for the righteous who give Zakah.
[Quran 7:156]