Isomer President Message

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Respected Elders, Brothers and Sisters, Ramadan Kareem to each one of you.

Ramadan is a month that we are given an opportunity for inner reflection.  During this month, let’s reconcile your differences with families and friends and make peace with each and every one.  We might have our differences but one thing that unites us is our Imaan.

We must not allow any issue to break our unity.   We should sort out our differences and work towards the common goal of helping one another and the wider community.

May Allah (swt) grant you all sound health to witness and enjoy the holy month of Ramadan and accept all your good deeds.

Please take part in your mosque activities and support the iftars been carried out and make extra effort to be part of the community.  Do not forget the homeless and the less fortunate.  Let us also consider our brothers and sisters living in war or disaster zones and make supplication for their safety

Remember the Dua of a fasting person has no limits and Allah (swt) accepts them.

May Allah (swt) bless and guide each one of you always.


Achmed Abdulla

On behalf of the Isomer Executive