Mosque Building Project

Due to the growth of the community, ISOMER aims to expand the mosque and its facilities. In addition to expanding the prayer facilities, we aim to build additional facilities that will cater to more of the communities needs to make the mosque the true center of our community.

The Mosque expansion will entail the following:

  1. Multi-Purpose Youth Centre
  2. Indoor Sport Facilities
  3. Conference Hall
  4. Classes/Lectures/Offices Rooms
  5. Kitchen Upgrade
  6. Dome and Drainage Replacement
  7. Cleaning and Rendering/ Roofing
  8. Plastering/Painting/ Mihrab & Internal Dome Mosaics
  9. New Heating-Cooling system
  10. New Lighting
  11. New Sound system
  12. Extension to Current Hall and Caretaker Residence
  13. New Wudu Area
  14. Mosque Overflow Reflooring
  15. Mosque Carpet for Overflow – Sides and Upstairs Area

What is the status of Mosque Building Project?

Kindly visit ourĀ  planned project page to see the progress of all the projects.

Why should I contribute to the Mosque Building Project?

The planned mosque extension will benefit the local community whether they are members of the society or not. The greater prayer areas and dedicated class rooms will allow more people to prayer and more to learn. Since the mosque is open to all, you and your family will benefit regardless of whether you are member of the society or not.

In addition, contributions to building a mosque are Sadaqah Jariya. It is one of the few acts, which will continue to give you rewards, even after your death.

How do I pay donate?

ISOMER has established a number of ways that you can give to donate. Kindly donate generously.

Verily I am Allah: there is no god but I: so serve thou Me, (only) and establish regular prayer for celebrating My praise.
(Taha, 14)