Executive Committee of Management

Our current Committee of Management roles are as follows:

President & Vice President
Treasurer & Assistant Treasurer
Secretary & Assistant Secretary

Role of the Committee of Management

The Executive Committee plays an important role in the organisation both as leaders and decision-makers.    In summary the core responsibilities of the Committee of Management (COM) are as follows:

  1. To manage the affairs and conduct the business of the Organisation.
  2. To manage the finances of the Society.
  3. Accountable for the management of the society, by submitting reports at AGM.
  4. To delegate the management of unique activities to sub-committees.
  5. To employ and manage required staff.
  6. To carry out such specific duties as are delegated to it by the AGM and or SGM.


The sub-committees enable members to contribute to the running of the society. They are ideal for those who would like to assist, but do not have the time to committee to the Committee of Management.   In addition, they offer those with less experience the chance to learn.  Proposed Sub-committees:

1 – Janaza Burial Service Sub-committee

2 – Dawah Sub-Committee

3Ladies Sub-committee

4Youth Sub-committee

5Facilities Maintenance Sub-Committee

6Technology and Communications Sub-Committee

7Finance Sub-Committee

8Building Sub-committee

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