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The name selected for the Organisation by the founders is “Islamic Society Of Melbourne Eastern Region” being abbreviated “ISOMER”.  The words ISOMER, the Society or the Organisation in this document and supporting Operating Procedures shall mean the same.


ISOMER is a non-profitable religious society dedicated to servicing the needs of the Muslim community of the area.  It drives its income from membership and donations.

Registered Office:

ISOMER is located at:1273 Wellington Road, Lysterfield, Victoria 3136 Australia.

History and Background:

ISOMER was established around the year 1986 by a group of Muslim people of the surrounding area, around 20 people, with the common interest of … It was first registered in 1986…. The mosque was the first building to be erected and was completed on 1986… The retirement home was completed in 1986… 


It is ISOMER’s Policy to provide and enhance services that meet the changing needs of the Muslim community of the area, such services shall be equally available to members and non-members of the organisation.  Members constitute the governing body of ISOMER.



The purposes for which ISOMER was established are:

  • to establish and maintain a mosque where members, Muslim community of the area and visitors can conduct their regular prayers and religious functions.
  • to establish and fulfill the changing needs of its members and the Muslim community of the area
  • to promote Islam and Islamic teaching in the area;
  • to raise funds, acquire assets, run and control such assets and projects for the purpose of achieving its objectives, development and its successful running; and
  • to establish links with similar organisations and liaise with local and other authorities on matters of interest or concerns of its members and the Muslim community of the area.


Membership of ISOMER is open to all Muslim residing in Australia regardless of caste or race.  However, honorary membership may be granted to any person in appreciation and recognition of major contribution to the successful establishment, development or running of ISOMER. Administrative issues relating to membership can be found in ISOMER’s Operating Procedures.


  • ISOMER’s day to day affairs are managed by an elected Committee Of Management (COM) of not less than six (6) and no more than nine (9) Committee members for a period of two years.
  • ISOMER’s assets and major interests are controlled by five (5) elected Trustees in accordance with this Constitution and relevant Operating Procedures.
  • All ISOMERS’s COM, Trustees and subcommittees shall be non-remunerated positions. 

While in session in an Annual General Meeting or in a Special General Meeting, Controlling Members attending such meetings shall have the power to govern manage and conduct the affairs of the Organisation in accordance with the rules set out in the relevant ISOMER’s Operating Procedures. 

ISOMER’s Operating Procedures are the set of bylaws detailing who is doing what, when, where and how, also define responsibilities, authorities and limitations.  These procedures form an important part of controlling and managing ISOMER’s affairs and as such is considered as essentially complementing part of this Constitution, such procedures are established, reviewed and amended as necessary in accordance with the rules set out and found also in ISOMER’s Operating Procedures. 

  • Management of defined and unique activities, functions or assets of ISOMER shall be delegated to sub-committees selected for the purposes with defined responsibilities and authorities in accordance with ISOMER’s Operating Procedures. 
  • Financial Management of ISOMER is guided by the rules set out and found in ISOMER’s Operating Procedures. 
  • Control of records shall be in accordance with the rules set out and found in ISOMER’s Operating Procedures.
  • Administrative issues relating to COM can be found in ISOMER’s Operating Procedures. 

Annual General Meeting :

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) of all members shall be held systematically by the Organisation at 10.00 am on the second Sunday of August every year. 

The main purpose of an AGM is to review ISOMER’s financials of the previous financial year and conducting different elections in accordance with the rules set in the relevant ISOMER’s Operating Procedure.  It is also used to address demanding and concerning issues of members.

The AGM shall be organised and conducted in accordance with the rules set out in the relevant ISOMER’s Operating Procedure.

Special General Meeting:

A Special General Meeting (SGM) may be called for by members or by the COM at any time in accordance with the rules set out in the relevant ISOMER’s Operating Procedure to discuss and  resolve issues of relevance or concern to members.  When a SGM is called for, it shall be held and run in accordance with the rules of same procedure referred to above.

Amendment to the Constitution :

This Constitution can only be amended in an AGM or a SGM called for the purpose of considering or approving such amendment(s) and only in accordance the provision of the Act. 

Trustees :

  • Five (5) Trustees shall be elected by an AGM for a period of four years.  A Controlling Member cannot be nominated for a Trustee and for a COM member at the same time.  Procedures used for electing the Trustees shall be the same Operating Procedure used for electing the COM.
  • A vacant Trustee position, in case of death or if a Trustee cannot hold his / her position for any reason, shall be filled by the nominee with the next highest votes from last election.
  • The Trustees shall meet at least twice a year to receive and review reports submitted to them by the COM and make recommendation when and if necessary.
  • ISOMER’s members nominated for a Trustee position must satisfy the same requirement as for COM as well as the following:
  • Demonstrate competency and wisdom of public relation, and should be able to show respect, tact and consideration for one another’s and constituent’s views.
  • Ability to analyse issues and consider the implications of that analysis for the decision making process.
  • The ability to communicate effectively in writing and in oral with ISOMER members, COM members, in private meetings, and with external bodies.
  • Trustee members should be capable of considering varied viewpoints, weighing the evidence presented in an impartial fashion, and reaching well-reasoned and supportable decisions in a timely fashion.
  • Show a firm commitment to act in the best interest of ISOMER’s well being, development, advancement, safeguard, and to have the ability to meet the time commitment. 
  • The Trustees shall be assigned the following responsibilities:
  • The safeguarding of the Society’s assets and members’ interest.
  • To consent to the COM to administer the affairs of the organisation as set out in this Constitution and related Operating Procedures; and only to interfere in the case of emergency and / or crisis.
  • To make themselves available to meet with the COM on a consultancy basis should they be invited to such session.
  • Resolving disputes as they arise at the earliest stages as possible.
  • Trustees shall have the following powers and authorities: 
  • Block purchase or sales of assets and expenditure greater than ten thousand dollars ($10,000) and refer such action to a Special General Meeting for approval.
  • Appoint an external Auditor to examine the society’s financial records should they be discontented with the integrity of the records.
  • Block or reverse action taken by COM should they consider it as not constitutional or not in the interest of ISOMER’s members.
  • Act as arbitrators in cases of disputes between an employee, or a member of the Organisation and the COM.

Dissolving of the Organisation:

ISOMER was established with the intension of indefinite running, generation after generation.  However, if it was unavoidable to continue running the Organisation for reasons beyond the control of its members, the Organisation shall be dissolved by a resolution passed by at least 75% of members in a SGM.

Where some of ISOMER’s assets are subject to capital funding from the Australian Government, such assets shall not be transferred or disposed of without the approval of the relevant authorities of the Australian Government.

Proceeds resulting from dissolving the Organisation after paying all its debts and meeting all its liabilities shall not be paid or distributed to any members of the Organisation and shall be donated to similar Organisation(s) with the same objectives and which shall prohibit the distribution of such gift.  Such organisation(s) shall be nominated and accepted concurrently within the above resolution.

April 24, 2019. Assalamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh & Welcome to Isomer website.
Islamic Society Of Melbourne Eastern Region Victoria Australia